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Руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации Toyota Yaris с 1999 по 2005 год выпуска. Модели оборудованные бензиновыми двигателями

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В данном руководстве рассмотрены эксплуатация и ремонт автомобиля Toyota Yaris (Тойота Ярис) с 1999 по 2005 год выпуска. В книге описан ремонт автомобилей с бензиновыми двигателями.

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Если Вы ищете что подарить автомобилисту, то книга по ремонту и обслуживанию автомобиля стать замечательным подарком. Данное руководство поможет автовладельцам в ремонте и обслуживании своего автомобиля, и Вы можете быть абсолютно уверены, что Ваш подарок понравится и принесет практическую пользу.


Living with your Toyota Yaris
Roadside repairs
Weekly checks
Lubricants and fluids
Tyre pressures
Routine maintenance and servicing
Repairs and overhaul
Engine and associated systems
Brakes and suspension
Body equipment
Wiring diagrams

Weekly checks

Engine oil level

Before you start

  • Make sure that your car is on level ground.
  • Check the oil level before the car is driven, or at least 5 minutes after the engine has been switched off.

The correct oil

Modern engines place great demands on their oil. It is very important that the correct oil for your car is used (see Lubricants and fluids).

The correct oil

  • If you have to add oil frequently, you should check whether you have any oil leaks. Place some clean paper under the car overnight, and check for stains in the morning. If there are no leaks, the engine may be burning oil (see Fault finding).
  • Always maintain the level between the upper and lower dipstick marks (see photo 3). If the level is too low, severe engine damage may occur. Oil seal failure may result if the engine is overfilled by adding too much oil.

Dipstick Toyota Yaris 1999 Haynes

  • The dipstick is located in a tube at the • front of the engine on all engines (see Underbonnet check points on page 0»11 for exact location). Withdraw the dipstick.

Oil dipstick Toyota Yaris 1999g Haynes

  • Using a clean rag or paper towel, wipe all the oil from the dipstick. Insert the clean dipstick into the tube as far as it will go, then withdraw it again.

Oil level Toyota Yaris 1999 Haynes

  • Note the oil level on the end of the dipstick, which should be within the 'hatched' area, between the upper (F) mark and the lower (L) mark. If the engine is very hot, the oil level may appear to be above the upper mark, owing to thermal expansion. Approximately 0.5 to 1.0 litre of oil will raise the level from the lower to the upper mark.

Oil filter cap Toyota Yaris 1999g Haynes

  • Oil is added through the filler cap. Unscrew the filler cap, then top-up the level. A funnel may help to reduce spillage. Add the oil slowly, checking the level on the dipstick often. Don’t overfill.

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